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“Un album autoproduit plein de charme.”


'hands down one of the best sets we've had'
School Night LA
'pop, very very smart pop'


narrow band of happiness


After entering the new campaign with 'Guestlist', a very special track for tastemakers and lovers, 'Narrow band of happiness' is the first single that we are working hard on the radio, appealing broader audiences in GSA, France, UK and US. The visuals for this will be produced in Bulgaria by final_new, who worked with Father John Misty in the past, in the next few weeks: An absurd story revealed in 5 episodes about the "Babushka PR Squad", which helps BCT with the promotion: "BCT is calling his very special Bulgarian promo squad in the form of three Babi - all of them with their own characters (The good, the bad, the undecided) and some magical powers. Together, they help BCT with the campaign in their very own ways: they all prepare things for a donkey called algorithm, before finally in the end, the donkey starts walking."


Marketing Facts Focus markets: GSA, France, UK, US PROMO & MARKETING: • nominated as ‚Best Act‘ @ the VIA awards organized by the The Association of Independent Musicians and Music Companies during Reeperbahn Festival 2023 • > 50k Shazams worldwide, 18k of these in France • ‚Artist to Watch‘ from Preis für Popkultur • international promo setup with focus on GSA, France and UK: Better Things (GSA), La Mission (France), lovebymistake (UK) • new brand partnership with LemonAid - check out the first release: Spotify: • avg 470 new monthly followers / month since debut album release end of last year • > 1k super fans on Spotify equals the value of 3% - avg in our segment (100k - 1mil monthly listeners) is 1% super-fans Live: • the headline Europe tour is selling very well - Berlin show will be sold out, other stops include Paris, Sofia, Vienna and London - 14 stops in total • playing ESNS 2024 -> 2nd year in a row booked after a legendary performance in '23 and voted best act in several top 10 lists CREATIVE: • the song is the first song of the upcoming EP we are heavily pushing to radios across Europe, UK and selected US outlets • written and produced by Bulgarian Cartrader

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