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“Un album autoproduit plein de charme.”


'hands down one of the best sets we've had'
School Night LA
'pop, very very smart pop'



The most exciting indie act these days comes from the Balkans and is making waves via Berlin, Paris, London and L.A.: Daniel Stoyanov aka BULGARIAN CARTRADER. The Sofia-born singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer released his critically acclaimed debut album MOTOR SONGS in November 2022. Now he has announced the next sign of life since then: The single “GUESTLIST” will be released on September 8th. “GUESTLIST” is the prequel, the prelude to the next EP, which is planned for February 2024. The track was again produced by BULGARIAN CARTRADER aka BCT himself and mixed by Grammy nominated Stephen Sedgwick (Gorillaz, Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey...) - but above all it is a statement that BCT had to write from the soul. After an exciting year that has taken the Bulgarian musician to numerous stages and after a packed festival calendar with shows in France, USA, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany, BCT is now using the moment of breather to draw a conclusion and to think about who his friends are and with whom he wants to share his magic carpet ride. Because not all fit the BCT carpet pattern. The industry sometimes produces too many new best biz friends who only mean well with the artist. And scampering around on the guest list for post-show advice: Less of this, more of that, and that’s how you make it big. But because BCT can't create without respecting his dreams, he draws a line between himself and those who want his best, in order to level it off nicely afterwards: No more guest lists for the industry. "They can never understand that you have the right to dream and fail and dream and fail and dream again." BCT doesn't feel like pretending and bending just to please as a product - he shrugs and writes a song about how he feels when at the end of the party he's left alone with his crew and realizes that the people who carry him are already around. They understand that falling and getting up have the same value and that you can have a hell of a lot of fun together even on the rocky road. With "GUESTLIST" BCT plays with melancholic joy on his range of ingenious musicality and anarchistic delight in the genre mix: A little retro synth melody opens and a subtle drum'n'bass beat follows a bass drum pattern and the shimmering reduced flicker of a restless hi-hat. Arpeggios of a classical guitar stretch over it, carry the longing, soulful vocal melody. Rich, deep bass-lines bring the track to the last hour of the dance floor. BCT crosses jazzy classic with sophisticated indie and creates a dense, fascinating atmosphere: "No they don't know that its wrong to judge you without knowing your mind. No no, no more guestlist for industry people." Rarely has a flipping the bird sounded more charming – for the time being, BCT only takes care of himself and his gang and lets the industrial stress sink in by writing a track that is far out – and that you just can't get out of your head. In the end credits, everyone dances after BCT, moth-and-light-wise, and “GUESTLIST” becomes the entrance to your own party. If you get to know the Bulgarian musician, you will meet an extraordinary artist, creative person and poet who follows his own vision and, over the years, has created songs from it that led to his debut album "MOTOR SONGS" - quirky, virtuoso and exciting. Not always the easiest listen, but quickly observed from all sides with great attention: Since his album dropped less than a year ago, BCT was featured at the Matt Wilkinson Show in the UK, played in the USA at the legendary L.A. School Night (“hands down the best set we've ever had!”) and released a single on French cult label Kitsuné as well enthusiastically featured in the French “Liberation”. The singles rotated internationally on a number of stations (RFI, FIP, Radio Nova/F, KCRW/US). The German Musikexpress gave it 5 stars ("Pop, very very smart Pop"), the single "LAB" reached #1 on FM4 and "Golden Rope" made it into the top 10 of the 2022 listener charts on radioeins. BCT has played showcase festivals, from ESNS in the Netherlands to RBF in Germany, and can say with a clear conscience that he has achieved international standing.

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